Without creativity, there are no good ideas. Without good ideas, there are no creations. Without creations, there are no results.

So let's get creative.

About Njist

I am very passionate about everything that can make dreams come true. May it be hope or in a bulk of clay or sliver of silver. I want to make my world a beautiful place with creations of dreams. And butterflies.

Hopefully my collection will inspire you to do the same.

Let me know if you have any thoughts, requests or comments you would like to share with me.


I love everything shiny, sparkly or with a glow.
Therefore I work with silver and incorporate pearls, stones and gemstones in my creations whenever I can.


The process of drawing and painting is always different, but always interesting.


Ceramic is my personal favorite material for sculptural work, and the possibilities are endless.


Filt, glass, plastic, coffee stains and random creations.